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Carolina Lock & Access Control LLC
Carolina Lock & Access Control LLC
Carolina Lock          & Access Control LLC

Our Services and Products

Mobile Service

 We bring our locksmith tools to you so we can provide service on the spot.

Installation and Service

We Install and Service most Locks, Knobs, Levers, Deadbolts, Pep Holes, Hinges, Gate Locks, Door Closers,  Panic Devices, Exit Bars and Mailbox Locks

High-Security Locking Systems

We install, service, and maintain high security locking systems with keys that can not be copied such as Primus by Schlage

Master Key Systems

We use state of the art computer software to generate and manage master key systems specifically designed for your needs

Access Control Systems

No key needed access, open doors with code, prox card, or button

Safe Sales and Service

We sell and service safes

  • We Do Lock-Outs
  • Re-Key Specialists
  • Broken Key Removal
  • Professional Lock Repairs
  • Keys Made
  • Installation of Deadbolts and New Locks
  • High Security Locks
  • Master Keying Systems
  • Keyless Entry
  • Mailbox Locks and Window Locks
  • Peepholes in Doors
  • Drill Holes
  • Door Closures
  • Panic and Exit Alarms and Devices
  • Opening of Desks and File Cabinets
  • Safes: Opening, Repairs, Cleaning, Combination Changes and Installation
  • And More!

We offer a complete line of locking devices to meet all your needs.


Standards for door locks.

To help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) — has established three grades or standards for door locks. Each product must pass a series of operational and security tests.


Every lock and deadbolt undergoes the following tests to determine their grade level: 1, 2, 3, or below 3

  1. Cycle tests
  2. Door impact tests
  3. Bolt strength tests
  4. Resistance tests
  5. Warped door tests


  • Grade 1 (The Best)

    Meets commercial building requirements 
    Provides the best residential security available

    Knobs & Levers

    • 800,000 cycles
    • 6 door strikes
    • 360 pound weight test


    • 250,000 cycles
    • 10 door strikes (hammer test)


  • Grade 2 (Average)

  • Meets light commercial and exceeds residential building requirements 

  • Exceeds standard residential security requirements

    Knobs & Levers

    • 400,000 cycles
    • 4 door strikes
    • 250 pound weight test


    • 150,000 cycles
    • 5 door strikes (hammer test)


  • Grade 3 (Below Average)

    Meets residential building requirements only 
    Provides minimal residential security

    Knobs & Levers

    • 200,000 cycles
    • 2 door strikes
    • 150 pound weight test


    • 100,000 cycles
    • 2 door strikes (hammer test)


We offer a complete line of safes to meet all your needs.


Key Benefits

  • Burglary Safes

Burglary Safes will fall into one (1) of ten (10) classes. A minimum of a one (1") inch thick steel door is required for a basic B classification and a classification of K must meet the TXTL-60 requirements. Burglary insurance may specify the required classification lever for value amount insured.


  • Fire Safes

    Fire Safes protect paper-made items from damage and must not exceed a maximum inside temperature of 350 degrees during a fire and fire endurance test of 1/2 to 4 hours. You will find six (6) classes in this range.


  • Burglary/Fire

Burglary/Fire safes are designed to protect againest both fire and burglary. Burglary/fire safes vary on the amount of protection they provide for each class listed above and below so read the lables carfuly to determin your Level of protection.


  • Media Safes

    Media Safes protect plastic-made items from damage and must not exceed a maximum inside temperature of 125 or 150 degrees during a fire and fire endurance test of 1-1/2 to 4 hours. You will find four (4) classes in this range.




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