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Do I have to buy new locks if I do not want a person with a key to get in?

No, you do not have to buy new locks to lock a person with a key out. You can have the locks rekeyed. A rekey is the removal of the small pins within your lock that match the old key, and the installation of new pins to match a new key. The cost of rekeying your locks is much less than the cost to replace your locks.
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Do you have keys that will prevent unauthorized key duplication?

Yes, we do offer keys that will prevent unauthorized key duplication. You must use a restricted key to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Restricted keys may be mechanical, electronic, or a combination of both. A key that has been stamped with the words do not duplicate may not be a restricted key. A lack of key control is the largest cause of unauthorized entry without the use of force.
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Can you change the combination on a safe?

Yes, most safes have the ability to have the combination changed. Over the past few years, advanced electronics have made it much faster and easier to change the combination on an electronic safe. A mechanical safe may have to be disassembled to change the combination. Most safes require the safe to be open and the old combination is known. It is very important to ensure the safe is working properly with the new combination before relocking the safe. If a combination is not working properly do not close the safe and lock it.
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What is the difference between a fire safe and a burglar safe?

The difference between a fire safe and a burglar safe is straightforward. A fire-safe keeps items safe from a fire and a burglar safe keeps items safe from a burglar. A fire safe is designed for the protection of paper items. If film or media is to be protected it must be kept in a media safe due to its lower temperature destruction properties. A safe can also be both burglar and fire rated. A burglar rating on a safe usually only is for the safe door unless otherwise specified. 
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How easy is it for someone with tools to pick open my locks?

Most lock cylinders both old and new use a shear line process to unlock. Although many factors play a role in how easy a lock is to pick open. most locks can be easily opened with a picking device. When two or more processes are needed to allow the lock to open it becomes virtually pickproof. It is very important to ensure you have at least two different factors that must be met to unlock a cylinder if you are wanting an extremely pick-resistant lock. The level of pick resistance will increase with every different factor implemented.
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Can an access control system lockout a person with a code or access card after hours or on the weekend?

Yes, an access control system can lock out users at different times even if a person must use a code or card type device to enter. It is impotent to know that not all access control systems have this capability. The more options you add to an access control system will increase the cost of the system. Many access control systems must be a balance between options and cost. An access control system is designed for particular procuress and not all are alike. determine the needs you have, but also think of the ability to upgrade or add to the system. It is extremely important to maintain control of all the codes, keys, cards, tags, IDs, and fobs of an access control system for it to be effective. Remove users immediately when they no longer have access privileges.
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